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Working on a computer all day will ruin your eyes?

FALSE.  When you stare at anything for an extended period of time you tend to blink less which can cause dryness and eye strain but it will not ruin your vision. Your eyes may feel 
more tired when you spend a lot of time on the computer and we recommend taking regular breaks and glance away from your screen frequently. There are also special blue-light 
filtering lens-coatings that help protect eyes that spend significant time on electronic devices.


Children with crossed eyes or misaligned eyes will outgrow it?

FALSE.  Crossed eyes, a condition called strabismus, and misaligned eyes, a condition called amblyopia or lazy eye, will not correct themselves over time. The eye must be forced
to correct this by using patching, glasses, eye drops, vision therapy or surgical procedures. The best results are achieved when the corrections are started as soon as possible.


My parents both wear glasses so I probably will too?

FALSE.  Although genetics play a big role in our eyes and vision health, it is not a guarantee that you will have the same experience as your parents. Some problems occur whether 
there is a family history or not.


My parents both wear glasses so I probably will too?

FALSE.  Although genetics play a big role in our eyes and vision health, it is not a guarantee that you will have the same experience as your parents. Some problems occur whether 
there is a family history or not.


Reading in the dark will damage your eyes?

FALSE.  Lucky for us, the only thing that reading in the dark or in poor light will cause is eye fatigue. You may get a slight headache and your eyes will tire more quickly causing 
words to seem blurry but this is only temporary. Remember, for centuries people read and worked by candlelight or gas lamps with no adverse affect on their vision. Having 
good light will prevent eye fatigue and make reading much easier.

Sneezing with your eyes open will make your eyeballs pop out?

FALSE. Your eyeballs are quite secure in their sockets. The eye sockets are not connected to your nose in any way so a sneeze erupting from your nose cannot transfer it's 
pressure into the eye sockets and force your eyeballs out of your head. The fact that our eyelids snap shut when we sneeze is simply a reflex and not meant to guard our eyeballs.

As long as you can see well, you don't really need an eye exam?

FALSE. There is much more to an eye exam than just checking your prescription. During a comprehensive vision exam, your doctor will check your overall eye health including:
 eye coordination and alignment, eye pressure, depth perception, dry eye assesment, retinal health and more. When the doctor dilates your puplis, it allows him/her to see the 
inside of your eye and determine whether it is healthy or if there is reason for concern.


Wearing another person’s glasses will ruin your eyes?

Slightly TRUE. When you wear another person's glasses, your eyes don't work as they normally do and it may cause unnecessary eye strain. But as soon as you take off the glasses your eyes will autoatically adjust back to normal. 

Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the sun?

FALSE. It is NEVER a good idea to stare at the sun. Ultra-violet rays from the sun can damage your cornea, lens and retina. Even dark sunglasses cannot block 100% of the sun’s UV rays. It is, however, a good habit to get into wearing sunglasses whenever you are out in the sunlight.  Note: It is true that staring directly at a solar eclipse can cause blindness.

Crossing your eyes too much will make them stay that way?

FALSE. Crossing your eyes may make you look funny and be entertaining but it will not cause permanent damage to your eyes. Our eyes naturally come together when we look at something close-up so when you purposefully cross your eyes you are just exaggerating your eyes natural response. Your mom wasn't right on this one!!

Only boys are affected by color blindness?

FALSE. A better term for color blindness is color deficiency. This occurs when one is unable to see colors in a certain way or when one cannot distinguish between certain colors. Most often people with color deficiency cannot determine the difference between greens and reds, and in some cases, blues and yellows. The vast majority of people with color deficiency are males but females can also have this trait.

Wearing glasses makes your eyes dependent on them?

FALSE. Wearing glasses does not deteriorate the physiology of your eyes. They correct blurry vision. You may want to wear your glasses more often because you can see more clearly but your glasses will not change your eyes so that they become dependent on your glasses. You may also depend on your glasses more as you age because, unfortunately, our eyesight deteriorates with time.

Sitting too close to the tv will ruin your eyes?

FALSE. There is no scientific proof that sitting too close to a tv will cause damage to your eyes. Your eyes may feel more tired if you sit close to the tv but that can easily be remedied by giving your eyes a rest. If you need to sit close to the tv in order to see it you may already have vision problems. Sitting close to any object to see it better is a symptom of nearsightedness and you should check with your doctor.

Eating carrots will improve your vision?

FALSE.  Carrots carry beta-carotene and are a source of Vitamin A, which are important nutrients for your eyes, but they will not help you see better. Eating a balanced diet is the best way to support your eye health.